Monday, January 27, 2014

Steve enters the world of blogging

Well, I never thought I would have a blog, but here it is. It is a surprise to me, and I hope you will be pleasantly surprised by the content you find here. My focus is the world of the young child of today. Some aspects of the world of today’s young child is the same as last year, and 20 years ago, and more than 50 years ago (when I was in kindergarten) such as the main stages of physiological development and the stages of the development of self-consciousness. What is significantly different are the challenges the young child faces in the world. There are so many areas of mainstream reality today that are just plain harmful for young children.
That includes the low level of real nutrition in so-called food, the technological gadgets promoted as helping the child develop various physical and mental abilities, the lure of these same gadgets for the parents that results in less and less quality and quantity of connecting with their own children, and the way adults speak with the young ones. The biggest challenge the children face is the lack of true connection with their parents and teachers.
My passion is working with adults to help them understand the development of the child, particularly neurological development and awareness of self, so that when the adults speak with the child, it can be received and processed effectively. And deep connecting becomes possible.

In future blogs you will discover me rambling about the state of the world in relation to the young child, and most importantly, what we can do about it.

The young child, the human being at its most tender and formative stages, in under attack in our world, preventing the positive unfolding of new gifts from the spiritual world of which the children are the bearers. Our responsibility, as soon as we become aware of this situation, is to stand up for the protection of childhood. The children are our hope, and the future, and they are not receiving the support they need in their most formative years; their true needs are not being met. 

In the sharing of my ideas and observations there is a risk of seeming as if my ideas are the one and only way to think about the subjects at hand. I may come across as sounding like I think that I know something. What you will read in this and future blogs are not recipes, instead I offer my experiences and actions I have chosen as catalyst to wake up your thinking. I hope what you find herein helps you on your way. In advance, I offer my apologies and recognize my shortcomings in sharing ideas and my seeming righteousness in how I express them. I am constantly trying to overcome my human affliction of thinking that my thoughts and ideas are the correct and only thoughts possible.

I also offer apology if in any way the content herein leads to the arising of thoughts or feelings of guilt or shame in you, the reader. That is not my intention. I would be happy if this blog helped to make anyone more conscious and thereby able to overcome habitual patterns of reacting. My purpose in writing this is to offer ideas and suggestions you might not have thought yet, and you are, of course, free to take up these suggestions or not. After your own reflection on these ideas, and if they resonate with you, they can become your ideas as well. Guilt toward the past in some ways inhibits taking up new ideas and changing the very habits one wants to change. I want to inspire your moving forward in the best ways you have decided for yourself based on all you have learned!

My goal is for this blog to be a resource for the development in adults who can in turn support the development of young children on their path towards an active life of thinking, feeling and doing based on choices consciously made. 

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